Faculty Development Program (FDP)

What is Faculty Development?

Faculty development, or staff development as it is often called, has become an increasingly important component of medical education. Faculty development activities have been designed to improve teacher effectiveness at all levels of the educational continuum (e.g., undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing medical education) and diverse programs have been offered to health care professionals in many settings.

Faculty development (FACDEV) refers to “that broad range of activities institutions use to renew or assist faculty in their many roles.”

That is, faculty development is a planned program to prepare institutions and faculty members for their academic roles and to improve an individual’s knowledge and skills in the areas of teaching, research and administration.

The goal of faculty development is to teach faculty members the skills relevant to their institutional setting and faculty position, and to sustain their vitality both now and in the future.

Core Members of Faculty Development Program:

  • Prof. Dr. Noor Fatima – Principal Akhter Saeed Medical College
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Fahad Sarfraz – Director Medical Education Akhter Saeed Medical College


Learning Outcomes

Faculty Development Program

Akhter Saeed Medical College, Islamabad

The Faculty Development Program will enable participants to:

1. Apply adult learning theories in practice to improve students’ learning

2. Use a variety of audio-visual aids to enhance students’ engagement

3. Demonstrate good teaching and interpersonal skills

4. Understand strategies to handle difficult students in a small group and in a large group teaching.

5. Use qualities of a good exam with respect to utility index in developing TOS and writing items (One-best MCQs, SAQs, OSPE/OSCE, and Viva Voce)

6. Develop evaluation plan to monitor educational activities.

7. Apply Innovative methods of teaching and Assessment.


Upcoming Workshops of Faculty Development Program

  1  Emerging Trends in Curriculum Development    03-08-2022  Dr. Fahad Sarfraz  3
  2  Interactive Lecturing – Converting a lecture topic to a student-centered Active Learning Activity  17-08-2022  Dr. Fahad Sarfraz  3
  3  Principles of Assessment and Blueprinting  31-08-2022  Dr. Fahad Sarfraz  3
  4  Curriculum Integration  14-09-2022  Dr. Fahad Sarfraz  3
  5  Technology Enhanced Medical Education TEME  28-09-2022  Dr. Fahad Sarfraz  3

Admissions Open 2023-24