Tranport Facilities

ASMC Rawalpindi and Farooq Hospital prioritize the convenience and safety of their students and faculty with a dedicated transport system. Luxurious coasters and buses operate from various locations in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, ensuring comprehensive coverage across both cities. This extensive network caters to the commuting needs of the institution’s members.

The dedicated transport service offers a premium and comfortable travel experience. These vehicles are equipped with modern amenities, spacious interiors, and air conditioning, ensuring a luxurious journey. Safety is a top priority, with regular maintenance and adherence to strict safety protocols.

Moreover, this transport service is cost-effective, reducing the financial burden on students and faculty members. It fosters a sense of community and convenience, allowing everyone to focus on their academic and professional pursuits without worrying about transportation hassles. ASMC Rawalpindi and Farooq Hospital are committed to providing top-tier transport facilities for their members.

Transport Rules
  • Transport facility is charged on basis of¬† distances
  • Tranport charges are subject¬† to change with prior notification due to fuel price adjustment

Admissions Open 2023-24