Program & Curriculum

At Akhtar Saeed Medical College, Rawalpindi, and its affiliated teaching hospital, the learning experience of undergraduate students is immaculately organized to meet the standards (desired training outcomes) as specified by the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. That is, attainment of core knowledge, ethical behavior, appropriate clinical skills, and mechanisms to measure the training outcomes. Therefore, the curriculum is a myriad mix of teaching strategies to deliver the core content. Special attention has been given to embodying a set of norms and values among medical students.
Type of curriculum:
Discipline/Subject based, with end of the academic year summative examination conducted by the affiliating University.

Program duration:
Five years, followed by one year of house job/internship in the teaching hospital.

Year 1 and Year 2 of the medical program
Examination subjects:
1. Anatomy.
2. Physiology.
3. Biochemistry.
4. Ethics and Pakistan Studies.

Year 3 of the medical program
Examination subjects:
1. Pharmacology.
2. Forensic Medicine and Toxicology.
3. Behavioral Sciences.
4. General Pathology and Microbiology.

Year 4 of the medical program
Examination subjects:
1. Special Pathology.
2. Community Medicine.
3. Ophthalmology.
4. Otorhinolaryngology (ENT).

Year 5 of the medical program
Examination subjects:
1. Internal Medicine and Allied.
2. General Surgery and Allied.
3. Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Clinical Rotation Program:
Clinical rotations in the affiliated teaching hospital start in Year 3 through Year 5 of the medical program. Community field work commences in Year 4 of the program.

Admissions Open 2023-24