Goals & Outcome

Akhtar Saeed Medical College is committed to cultivating medical graduates with exceptional cognitive and practical abilities, ensuring they excel as compassionate doctors. These graduates will serve as dedicated caregivers to the suffering, radiating hope and benevolence for marginalized communities, both locally and globally. Our mission is to produce professionals who not only excel in medical knowledge and skills but also exhibit profound empathy and a sense of duty to humanity. These graduates will be beacons of positive change, extending their healing touch to uplift the less fortunate, underscoring our college’s commitment to social responsibility and global impact in healthcare.
At the end of the five-year undergraduate medical education program, the graduates should be able to:

  • Conceptualize the core knowledge of common diseases, demonstrate basic clinical skills, and an empathetic attitude towards patient care.
  • Effectively counsel patients and their families regarding disease follow-up, health promotion, and disease prevention measures in primary, secondary, and tertiary health care settings.
  • Perform Basic Life Support (BLS), and basic emergency procedures on mannequin in the skills laboratory.
  • Practice evidence-based medicine by critique of medical literature, and perform independent clinical and community-based research, or participate in it.
  • Work as a member of multidisciplinary healthcare teams by inculcating leadership, organizational, time management, conflict resolution, and teamwork skills.
  • Work in diverse clinical settings in tertiary care hospitals, in District Headquarter hospitals, and in Basic- and Rural- health units.
  • Demonstrate effective communication and presentation skills in medical conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops, and forums.
  • Incorporate information technology in their lifelong learning and patient care.
  • Act as critical thinkers, informed decision makers, and reflective learners.
  • Refer to themselves as all-rounders on account of participation in co-curricular activities.
  • Work as an active member of hospital administration and project management teams.


Admissions Open 2023-24