Sports Gala (Day-4) 16-Mar-2023

Sports Gala (Day-3) 15-Mar-2023

Sports Gala (Day-2) 14-Mar-2023

Sports Gala (Day-1) 13-Mar-2023

CPC On Radiological Investigations Department of Radiology 3-Mar-2023

Workshop on Finalization of UHS Foundation Module Integrations. 1-Mar-2023

Workshop on Manuscript Writing 23-Feb-2023

White Coat Ceremony 26-Jan-2023

Annual Dinner 25-Jan-2023

Visit of University of Health Sciences Lahore 12-Jan-2023

CPC Post Hysterectomy Vault Prolapse Department Of Gynaecology & Obstetrics 06-Jan-2023

Curriculum design workshop 04-Jan-2023

Visit Of College Of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan 02-Jan-2023

PMC Inspection 22-Dec-2022

Digital Health Semenar Sponserd by ASMC 19-Dec-2022

BLS Refresher Course 13-Dec-2022

Workshop Construction of SEQ & SAQ 7-Dec-2022

Akhtar Saeed Medical College Rawalpindi

Fire Safety & Evacuation Drill 23-Nov-2022

ATLS Refresher Course 16-Nov-2022

CPC On Dengue Fever Department Of Internal & Family Medicne 04-Nov-2022

Workshop Construction Of OSPE & OSCE 02- Nov-2022

Workshop MCQ Construction 5-Oct-2022