The Gastroenterology & Hepatology department at our medical college hospital is a exhibits excellence in healthcare. With a commitment to delivering swift and precise diagnostic and therapeutic services, our department offers a comprehensive range of treatments. Services include endoscopy, colonoscopy, liver biopsies, ERCP, and advanced imaging for rapid diagnosis. Our highly qualified and passionate staff, comprising experienced gastroenterologists, hepatologists, nurses, and technicians, brings their expertise to every patient encounter. They provide a compassionate and empathetic response, ensuring that patients receive not only world-class medical care but also the warmth of humane support, making our department a trusted pillar of healthcare in our community

Department of Gestroenterology

Dr. Haseeb Noor

Assistant Professor


Dr. Haseeb Noor is working as a Assistant Professor of  Gestroenterology Department at Akhtar Saeed Medical College Rawalpindi.



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